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Jared Schroder started his digital marketing career in 2005 as an Account Manager for a then small digital marketing agency in Denver Colorado when the Paid Search (PPC) industry as a whole was merely in its infancy.   He was quickly recognized for his successful campaign strategies and advanced rapidly.  By 2007, seeing the flaws in the industry’s “best practices” of paid search, he had reinvented the way paid search was done to the immense benefit of his clients and company.  Jared developed one of the earliest and most advanced paid search bid optimization algorithms and revolutionary processes designed to better capitalize on the unique marketing reality of Search Engine Marketing.

Jared helped grow this once small agency to one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Denver while expanding his role from Account Manager to VP of Paid Search and then finally VP of Data Intelligence & Marketing Technology.  Jared’s extensive experience and his time tested strategies are highly sought after as he often speaks at leading industry events about his innovative practices.  Most notably, Jared has had the honor of speaking on the “Mad Scientists of Paid Search” at SMX Advanced (one of the most coveted and prestigious panels in Paid Search).  This panel included the Group Program Manager of Microsoft and the Chief Scientist at Acquisio alongside Jared.

It was this success and knowledge of an industry that had accepted mediocracy as the unfortunate status quo that prompted Jared to start SEMoptimize 6 years ago.  Knowing how much opportunity was squandered by competing agencies and in-house digital marketers, we have set out to redefine what success looks like for our clients.  Over the years, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to apply our unique approach with huge success for top brands in countless industry verticals.  Today, SEMoptimize has grown to manage more than $14 million in annual search spends with stellar results including a “Top 100 Google Advertising Spenders”.  Our agency comprised entirely of seasoned industry experts with an average of 10 years’ experience.  It is this experience and our proprietary processes and technology which truly sets us apart from the rest.