simply better at search.


simply better at paid search.

SEMoptimize takes paid search optimization to its core molecular building blocks.  While most agencies depend on the distorted layer of keywords, match type and simplified account structure to simply “manage” PPC accounts, SEMoptimize reinvents your campaigns in the image of your own search query data.  We removed the guesswork and let data and industry expertise drive, eliminate the waste, create hyper-segmentation, ideal customization and optimal algorithmic bidding strategy.

This intensive process creates the ideal version of your campaigns in order to align the searcher on their optimal path to conversion.  We deliver the right search query, to the right keyword/match type, with the right messaging and landing page in order to maximize the ability to convert every search impression.  As a result, we create a healthy balanced paid search portfolio with less dependence on inefficient head terms and amplify the valuable long tail to its full potential.  SEMoptimize is simply better at getting more out of paid search at much greater efficiency.

strategic consulting and ongoing management

account architecture and tactical implementation

hyper-segmented and customized campaigns

search query based optimization

customized bid optimization algorithms

mobile & geographic conversion rate optimization

ad messaging multivariate optimization

customized reporting solutions and analysis