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In the ever-changing and competitive world of digital marketing one constant remains true, data is the fundamental building block of performance. Knowing this truth and your data, poor performing search engine marketing is a choice and not a cost of doing business.

Many marketing executives unknowingly make the wrong choice, turning to a revolving door of agencies with the expectation of tapping into great knowledge and specialists. Instead, these SEM agencies manage their accounts with a stream of novice digital generalists who lack true seasoned expertise, data driven decision makers, and the expert ability to meaningfully optimize performance. Agency teams spend their time appeasing for the status quo, wasting dollars on ill-advised “tests,” and bide their time until clients leave and a new client walks through the door.

At SEMoptimize, we refuse to abide by this time tested cycle of inadequacy. We know how much opportunity is squandered in paid search and, more importantly, know how to truly optimize SEM campaigns to their full potential. SEMoptimize is a data driven digital marketing service that specializes in understanding your company and your data to create optimal digital marketing programs built in the image of this data.

SEMoptimize uses unrivaled search query optimization practices to ensure that your company maximizes the impact of every search impression. Delivering the right user search, to the right keyword/match type, with the right precision bidding strategy, ad message and landing page ensures the optimal path to conversion. We do this by eliminating waste, decreasing dependence on inefficient and cannibalizing head terms, amplifying the valuable long tail, fine-tuning customization and removing “guesswork” through data fueled algorithmic ROI optimization.

SEMoptimize creates the ultimate paid search platform built in the image of your data resulting in significantly more conversions at a more efficient cost-per-conversion. Let us show you how.

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